Capillary thermomanometer Cewal, Thermoplastic case

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Instrument for measuring temperature and pressure.

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  • The capillary thermomanometers are used especially on boilers for the purpose of reading the pressure and temperature on a sole instrument panel, taking it from a distance.
  • Often the manufacturers of boilers require customisations for technical or aesthetic reasons.
  • In these pages we present some basic models, easily interchangeable with most models used by manufacturers of boilers and therefore particularly suitable for the market of spare parts or to satisfy the needs of small series.

Place of use:

  • boilers
  • technical equipment
  • machinery and special machines

Normative references:

  • UNI EN 837-1 for manometric part
  • UNI EN 13190 for thermometric part
  • degree of protection IP31 according to EN 60529


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2 χρόνια

Βάρος (kg)

Χώρα κατασκευής

Κατασκευαστής προϊόντος

Πίεση λειτουργίας (bar)
Up to 3/4 of the full scale value for static pressures Up to 2/3 of the full scale value for fluctuating pressure Up to the full scale value for short periods

Temperature range
On the body of thermomanometer -20 ÷ +70 °C Of pressurized fluid max 90 °C

Working component
Fluids Liquid or gaseous non-corrosive to copper alloys, not highly viscous, not crystallising

Case and ring in black reinforced nylon with crystal clear methacrylate window and copper capillary covered with black PVC brass pressure fitting usable also with check valve

Prepainted aluminium dial black background and white graphics with red max indicator printed on the windows

Brass pressure fitting usable also with check valve and "C" shaped Bourdon spring in copper alloy

High sensitivity movement in watch brass alloy (OT59) thermometric movement: phosphorous bronze spiral

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