Differential thermostat Thermolux, Model DT-3.1

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Differential thermostat Thermolux for solar hot water heaters and circulation pumps.

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The differential thermostat manages the operation of a circulation pump and/or the electric heating element of a domestic solar hot water heater by measuring the difference between the temperature of the water heater and the solar collector (or other heating source, such as a wood burning boiler, pellet boiler, etc.)


- Measures the temperature of the water inside the water heater, as well as the temperature of the liquid in the solar collectors, and if the temperature of the is 2-20°С higher (manually adjusted), it turns the circulation pump on until the temperatures are equalized;

- Equipped with two Pt 1000 thermal sensors, one for the water heater and one for the solar collector;

- Measures a number of parameters:

  • Set and actual temperature of the solar collectors and the water heater;
  • The temperature that the water in the heater can reach with the optimal operation of the solar collectors;
  • Critical (maximum allowed) temperature of the water heater;
  • Critical temperature of the solar collector;
  • Defrost temperature of the solar collector;
  • Minimum temperature of the water heater.

- Protects from:

  • Overheating of the water heater;
  • Freezing of the solar collector;
  • Overheating of the solar collector.

- Signals for abnormal conditions of the solar system related to high or low temperature;

- Digital management of main working parameters;

- No cable length limit for the temperature sensors;

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