Solar pump group Grundfos Solar, One way

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237,80 €

One way pump group for solar systems Grundfos for complete control of a solar system and ensuring its safety.

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Βάρος (kg) 5.0000
Κατασκευαστής προϊόντος --- None ---
Ρυθμός ροής 2-12 l/min
Θερμοκρασία μέσου Up to 120°C
Σύνδεση με ρακόρ 3/4" M


Pre-assembled solar pump group that manages a solar hot water system. Includes a pump, control and safety devices needed for the optimum and efficient operation.

The group includes:

- Solar circulation pump Grundfos 25/45;

- Flanged 3-way ball valve with non-return valve 10mbar with thermometer built in the handle (the valve can be excluded by turning the handle at 45°);

- Security unit 6bar with manometer 0-10bar and a 3/4" Male connection for a solar expansion vessel;

- Insulation box made of expanded polypropylene (Dimensions of the box - 155x425x150 mm);

- Specially designed backplate that fixes the group to the insulation box an allows easy attaching to a wall;

- PN 10 standart, 120°C constant temperature (160°C for up to 20 seconds);

- Flow meter 2-12 l/min;

- External connection: 3/4" M

Filling and circulation scheme


Flow control

There are no available files to download. Please contact us if you need any further information.

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